I used to  struggle  with a busy mind, negative thoughts, and I felt like a victim to my life circumstances.  

I was constantly placing my value and worth outside of myself.   

I was in a relationship where I put my partner’s needs above my own. I constantly looked for love and attention from the outside, rather than within myself.

Luckily, I found out about meditation, and over a few years learned about the law of attraction and began to quiet my mind.

But then, meditation felt like such a drag.    It was so disciplined.  I got bored and began to avoid it altogether.

It wasn’t until last year I found a way to make my meditation practice enjoyable, and something I actually wanted to show up to  everyday.    I was able to connect to source energy within, fill myself up with love, and become a magnet for what I wanted to attract.  

I now have a consistent meditation practice that helps me be calm when difficult situations arise, connect to love within myself before giving it to others, and receive insight on the visions I want to create for myself and the world. 

I believe in magic and everyday miracles.  

I believe we can be led to love beyond measure when we let go and surrender to be guided by a force larger than ourselves.

I am a yoga and meditation teacher, a women's leadership coach, writer, and entrepreneur.  I am  also   the founder of the Rising Women Leaders podcast   and sisterhood.    I  support women to overcome their fears, find their voice and  connect to an innate love within.   

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