This Program is For You if...

  • You are ready for a big shift in your life
  • You’re excited to try 40 days of meditation
  • You believe in your ability to create your own reality
  • You are ready to share your vision with a supportive community of women
  • You have a desire to make a positive change in the world

This program is especially great for you if...

  • You consider yourself to be more introverted or highly sensitive
  • You find yourself held back by fear or self-doubt, but are ready to make a change
  • You want to have a better understanding of your intuition
  • You desire to have a consistent  home yoga or meditation practice 
  • You feel inspired to express, step up and gain the courage to be seen

It's Probably Not a Good Fit if...

  • You're generally not open to new concepts or ideas 
  • You put other people's needs before your own   and you're not ready  to make a shift to honor yourself
  • You aren't interested in  investing in yourself, your needs or  your desires
  • You make  excuses for why you can't live the life of your dreams
  • You complain about what you don't have rather than taking action to make a change
  • You don't believe  miracles can happen to you

We are a growing community of women  creating a more conscious and compassionate world.

If we are going to make any kind of change, we need to support each other to start within.

Cultivate the Courage to Achieve Your Dreams