Vision is an 8-week online course for women ready to shift their thoughts, manifest their  desires, and live their visions.

Wholeness Comes From Within.

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We are being called to...

Be Seen and Heard. 

Find our Voice.
Live our Light.
Find What Makes Us Come Alive.

Cultivate Courage. Be Fearless. 

Honor our Feminine Nature.  

Find Love Within.


If you're here, you probably feel the call.   I cAN IMAGINE you...

Have big dreams for your life and are ready to take action towards them. 

Are a Highly Sensitive Person, deeply feel  the current state of the world and want to give back and make a difference in people's lives.

Find a sense of peace and clarity   in yoga or meditation, and desire to have it be a more sustainable part of your life.

Have a natural tendency to love, nurture  and encourage others, but are ready to  honor and love yourself first to be of highest service in the world.

Feel the pull to express yourself and share your ideas and greatness, but sometimes feel held back by  fear or self-doubt.

Believe in  miracles, magic and the power of manifestation.  You are ready to overcome your fears and manifest a new vision for your life.



Vision is a 8-week online course that includes 40 days of  meditation.

I provide guided meditations, audio discourses and ritual tools for manifestation.

Through the resources you will learn how  to design your own daily devotional practice.  

Everyday is a devotion.

You will deepen your practice of self-love and connection to spirit, intuition and your inner guide.

But Vision is more than just an online course.  

Vision is  a community of women joining together from around the world to show up for each other through sisterhood.  

These women are showing up in daily devotion and sacred practice to shift their thoughts, manifest their desires, and live their visions.  

Be Visionary.  Be a Leader.  Share your Voice.

You're invited to...

40 Days of Devotion, Ritual and Magic. 

Tune into your heart.

Discover your intention.