Why Should We Meditate?  Can it Really Change Our Lives?

I felt inspired to go out and speak to empowered women meditators to ask this question and hear their stories.

I asked:

  • How has meditation changed your life?

  • What have you struggled with around meditation?

  • What is meditation like for you now?

  • What advice do you have for those who want to bring meditation into their daily life?

The answers were honest, heartfelt and inspiring.

In sharing these videos, I hope to empower you to see all the forms  meditation can take. My hope is that you feel inspired to meditate and make it an enjoyable and sustainable part of your life.

Hear their stories below:


Rachael Webb works with intuitive seekers on their path to personal empowerment and spiritual awakening.  She helps men & women connect with Spirit to realize their Divine Purpose, and come into physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment so they can share their magic with the world.  Rachael is a Clairsentient with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Doctor of Metaphysics, and an Ordained Minister.  You can follow her daily posts on Instagram, and learn more about her magical work at SoulStarMedicine.com


Rachael has a Sacred Geometry guided meditation as a part of the meditation toolbox in the course!

Karen Prosen, Hypnotherapist and founder of the sacred plate

Karen Prosen is a constant student- as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Clinical Mental Health Counseling trainee, group facilitator, coach and yoga instructor.  She is the founder of The Sacred Plate, a community serving to support those seeking to deepen their relationship with their bodies and the way we treat them.  

Karen supports people in connecting to the wisdom of their bodies through individual and group coaching, personalized recordings, yoga nidra, meditation, sharing circles, retreats and more.  She believes that we each already intuitively know how to achieve balance, how to discover our personal medicine, and how to experience the body as a temple in order to find purpose and meaning.  Her work is a blend of spirit + social justice, as she holds space for others to bring awareness to ancestral wounds and ways we may either be upholding the dominant culture or experiencing oppression within it. She believes that our shortcomings and challenges reflect the state of our environments, and that underneath it all, we are all whole.


Karen has a special guided meditation video for us in the VISION program!


Maria Molfino is a leadership coach who supports women in gaining clarity, wisdom, and power to transform their own lives. With a Masters in Design from Stanford University, Bachelors in Psychology from McGill, and her yoga teacher certifications, Maria has an intuitive and practical approach to personal transformation.


Maria has a special guided journey "From the Inside Out" for our meditation toolbox.  

SARAH KATE of the Great Kosmic Kitchen

Sarah Kate is co-founder of The Great Kosmic Kitchen.  Inspired by medicinal herbs, wild foods and ancient preparations, Summer and Sarah of  The Great Kosmic Kitchen showcase the art of these practices into the modern meal. As herbalists and cooks their meals seek to nourish and balance the body while bringing you closer to your own internal guide. They believe eating is an act of self-care and hope to empower you to nourish yourself in the most loving way.

Like what you see? Join us in VISION for more bonus guided meditation videos from these empowering and magical manifestors.