8 - weeks to develop healthy new habits and manifest real change in your life.

In the first week you gain access to the meditation toolbox, learn to write your Vision and design your devotional practice.  Then we will begin 40 days of meditation until the end of the program.

You will receive:

  • A Meditation toolbox full with audios and videos that will help you design your own unique meditation practice
  • Training Videos on “How to Create A Vision”, "Design your Devotion," and learn "40 Days of Devotion"
  • 8 intimate Group Coaching Calls to ask questions and connect to the other women
  • An online community forum
  • Audio recordings sent out each week about Rituals, Body Wisdom, Self-love and Self-care, Romance, Sisterhood, Grounded Action, and Courage
  • Lifetime access to the course materials and growing online network of other women with a vision
  • A Vision roadmap to create an ideal schedule
  • Handouts to guide you through the practice and the program

Meditation. Archetypes. Mantras. Pranayama. Voice. 



Group phone calls and an online community forum to be supported in the brilliance of your vision.

A "sangha" a place to share knowledge, wisdom, a place to be listened to, and grow with support on your path.  When we share our prayers in a sangha of sisterhood, they are raised in the collective consciousness, and happen faster.

  • Synchronicity. Self-love. Courage.

  • New Moon and Summer Solstice Ritual.

  • Spiritual Mentorship.

  • Daily Magic.

  • 40-Days of Devotion.

Fall in Love with Yourself


Cultivate the Courage to:

Love Your Body

Live Your Passions

Shift Your Thoughts

Live in Abundance

Take Grounded Action Toward Your Dreams