The Vision sisterhood has grown to include women from five continents: North America to Australia, South America, Europe, and Asia.  Hear about a few of these women's stories below: 

~ Denise Hammond, 
Teacher of yoga, performing arts and student of life


"I feel centered, more relaxed, focused, and connected to my intuition." 

~ Theres Guggenbühl,  Anjali Yoga & Dance Inspiration, Zurich, Switzerland

I found Meredith’s website through an online group we were both a part of.  I was so inspired by her work that I read through all her blog posts one day and contacted her to work together.  Before starting our program, I had difficulty keeping up a regular morning practice, I was afraid to take steps forward in my career as a yoga teacher, and I was fighting with my partner at home often.  I also had trouble keeping up a meditation practice - it felt like a chore on my to do list rather than a daily devotion!

When I joined VISION, I loved the calls, the reading materials, the connection to the other women and of course the whole meditation practice itself!  It was very rich and professional.  The 40-day practice flew by very quickly and at the same time it felt like many years passed. I grew so much and I now feel more like the person I actually am. I loved the group phone calls... It was good to hear about the other women’s fears and struggles, wins and insights. It felt very empowering and I met a lot of like-minded sisters in this program.

Now, I have more job opportunities, more yoga students and I feel much more courageous!  I feel more energized in the mornings, I am healthy and strong, I have healthy boundaries, more work opportunities in my job as a yoga teacher: two new classes, a lot of opportunities to sub, and more students in my own group classes. I also created a new Saturday morning class for women to release stress and balance their hormones through yoga.

The program also helped me let go of my past relationship gracefully. I now feel more grounded and stress-free.  The 40 day practice was a magical time!  Meredith is so dedicated and professional. I simply adore her and her wisdom <3  

~  Karen  Prosen,  Sonoma  County ,  CA

"I absolutely would recommend this program to other women." 

~ Kristin Marie

I joined VISION when I was in the midst of a huge transition in all parts of my life and I felt called to center myself. When I read what VISION was about it spoke to all the parts of myself that I wanted to reconnect with.  I had lost a lot of my day to day ritual and self care practice once I had my child, because I gave myself so fully to motherhood. I felt that I was finally ready to get back some of 'myself' in my life, but I wasn't completely sure how to go about it.

I loved to look at my meditation practice as a devotion to myself. I really enjoyed that I was able to watch my practice change and grow into something of my own alongside all of the other women. The feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself, but so very about me, felt really empowering and beautiful. I felt supported in this journey, and that was something I really needed at this time!

I now have a really nice morning self-care stretching practice that I didn't before.  I feel that I am able to bring myself back to the here & now and my ability to remind myself to be present is heightened!  I am also journaling again. This is something that I have felt self conscious about in the past, that I now see as an act of self-care and self-awareness.  

I loved the course materials, I feel so lucky that I will have them to take with me into the future. All the topics are things I feel we, as women, think about all the time. The handouts organized these topics and made it so that you can better grasp and meditate on each subject.

Once I visited with the Grounded Action materials I was able to remember and unlock so many beautiful dreams and goals that I had buried down under my day to day life!

I came away feeling surprised and renewed, more self confident!

Meredith makes you feel held and heard. Any woman looking to improve their sense of self, their feelings towards meditation, or just a place of sisterhood would feel that they were in the right space.

It felt good to be in the presence of other women on a journey much like my own. The solitude I can sometimes feel as a woman is that much smaller being a part of this program.

All the materials were very organized but the whole process felt very organic at the same time. Meredith holds a beautiful and safe space! I am so proud I participated in this program. My biggest goal was self care and to reclaim my sense of self after becoming a mother. VISION started me on the path to doing all these things!

"I wanted to unblock what I had built up in my life that was preventing me from moving on from my past, but I didn't know how to do it on my own."

~ Andrea Crites, Child Welfare Worker, Sonoma County, CA

I was feeling lost and in need of something more, to feel connected to myself, to find a connection with other women on a similar path. I wanted to unblock what I had built up in my life that was preventing me from moving on from my past, but I didn't know how to do it on my own. I wanted a healthy relationship with myself.

I was hesitant about the cost initially, but what I gained from this experience is truly priceless. The investment is incredibly generous for what you receive and gain, and the personal attention and inclusion into the group that Meredith provides makes the experience that much more special.

I loved every part of the program! Meredith provided so many useful tools that were beneficial in every format. The audio downloads, videos, handouts, Facebook group and calls all contributed to a well-rounded and inclusive approach that covered just about anything one could ask for. The time she took to personally be involved in the Facebook group really meant a lot, and the way she spoke with each person on the calls made you feel like she was giving you her personal attention while still helping you to connect with everyone else on the call, which was truly very special.

Now, I'm accepting myself and loving myself unconditionally for the first time in my life, I've developed consistent healthy habits like meditating and self care, and I'm approaching the relationships in my life with a new outlook of love and ease.

This program helped open a new door for me, and gave me the tools to conquer self-doubt and fear. I have learned to trust in myself and open myself up to all the possibilities life has to offer. I am so far away from the person I was when I started, and in the best way possible!

Part of my vision was for my husband and I to have children. Due to some medical issues it was unclear for a while if I would be able to, so I made this part of my vision and it happened- I got pregnant, I'm heathy and so is our baby! Along with this blessing, I made self-love and maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries part of my vision, and these have become a reality as well.
I got through all of it! I found them all useful at different times for different reasons, depending on what I was experiencing or how I was feeling challenged and what I needed to work through that point.

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone. Whatever reason anyone has for joining Meredith's program, she can help guide you to the answers that you are seeking in your life.

I am so grateful for Meredith and her knowledge, guidance, and all the love she puts forth into her passion for serving others.

She is genuine and compassionate and wants to do whatever she can to make this work for you, and that is a special and impactful gift.

"Vision has impacted my life in so many ways.  It brought a lot of creativity and inspiration to my world."

~ Olivia,

I was already on my own vision quest when I found out about VISION and joined because I thought it would feel wonderful to be in this process with other sisters.  

At the time I was questioning aspects of all parts of my life: work, relationship, home, and family.  

What I loved most about working with Meredith was her love and ease in the process. She is both grounded and light.  I loved the handouts and the format of each week, how the vision path unfolded, all the topics she covered.  

From reading my vision each day, I started to feel what really mattered to me and what I was just keeping in my vision from a heady place. I got very clear about my business and what I wanted to put energy towards.  Shifting the energy I put towards fear towards living my life was liberating! Another improvement in my life was around supporting my trust in my intuition.

I narrowed my well-being offerings through the archetype posters I have been having fun making. I had no idea that one of my intentions was to feel sexy and shameless and now that has become a big thing for me and for what I offer clients.

The 40-Day Practice felt very natural and was at a great time of year. It was wonderful support knowing that other women were committing to their vision and believing that their life's dream can be a reality.

The part of my vision that became reality is that my relationship is in the best place yet, we are looking for land, and more clarity is coming about starting a family and growing my business.  Thank you!!


"My experience was transformational!

I started out feeling like I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life or what actions to take to reach my goals. 

By the end of this experience I had a deep inner peace, I'm more conscious of my actions, I'm facing my fears and feeling grounded. I'm inspired and I know I'm on the right path."

~ Mia Reid,

I wanted to be a part of the VISION program so I could connect with other women who are spiritual, to be inspired to connect with spirit and have more ritual and daily devotion. I also felt unfocused, and unsure of my life purpose.

I really enjoyed ALL the materials in the VISION program. I think my favorite week was the week about Daily Rituals. I was really inspired and made a lot of positive change in my daily life from what I learned. I was extremely grateful to have email access to Meredith and the support I received while I was facing my shadow and learning how to find inner peace.

Since Vision I have been experiencinG  Inner PEACE.

I have a inner peace that I did not have before being a part of VISION. I faced my shadow, and learned to fully feel whatever emotions that come up and to let it go.  I've been facing my fears and by doing that, feel more empowered and less fearful of the unknown.

I have cultivated Deeper Relationships.

I feel more present than I did before VISION.   I am more conscious of my actions and how they effect others. I also have more gratitude for all the relationships I've had in my life and any lessons learned from them.

I feel beautiful!   I am Peaceful, Grateful & Grounded. I have a supportive & satisfying relationship with my partner.

I enjoy daily rituals. I love preparing whole food meals for my family, meditation, yoga, dancing & singing. I enjoy being out in nature as much as possible because that is where I feel most connect to spirit. I started my own organic herbal healing and natural beauty products business.

I signed up for college courses and I'm learning herbal wisdom so I can heal myself and others.   I feel connected to spirit and have found my life purpose, which is to be an inspiration to my family & friends, to be fully involved in my child's education and to be conscious of the foods we eat and how it affects our health & to share this knowledge.

"Having a morning practice and a supportive group of people to witness your process is invaluable."

~ Karen Prosen,   Hypnotherapist + facilitator, Sonoma County, CA.

My first experience doing the 40 day practice with Meredith was so magical, I knew I had to do it again. "

When I joined, I was struggling to launch some personal projects that I was unclear on. I loved the handouts and recordings, which were very valuable and provided a thread of support in between the coaching calls.

My goals for the program were to continue my morning practice, launch my body centered coaching programs, and manifest the perfect office space.  During the program I felt completely supported to put my work out there in the world. It was so precious to begin my day with my VISION. I have since fallen even more in love with my mornings. 

Since the program, I have found a new office, re-vamped my website, launched new coaching programs, spent more time painting, and focused on nourishing my body temple in order to maintain the practice of being a vessel for the universe's will for me.

"Vision really gave me the momentum I needed to elevate my business and personal life."

~ Carissa Shaul, Recovery Coach, Abandon Perfection, Seattle, WA

I liked the feeling of the intimate group, the follow up and how Meredith kept track of my goals and held me accountable.

After VISION, I'm experiencing a stronger female community, more self-care activities, I stopped drinking alcohol, coffee and eating sugar, and I stopped taking pharmaceutical drugs.

The 40 Day Practice showed me that I am capable of moving toward all of my dreams. I came more into myself and my higher potential through this program. I connected with a community that made it safe for me to express my highest dreams and pursue my passions. I stopped self-destructive behaviors naturally and without resistance. I feel stronger in who I am and what I am capable of with my life. Thank you Meredith!

"First and foremost, this program was so profound and powerful for me. It was life-changing."

~ Errity Green,  Women's Well-being Advocate & Freedom Fighter at Our Sacred Sisterhood,  Sarasota, FL

I joined VISION after experiencing a really special healing that took place in my life regarding my awareness and emotional experience with food and my body. It felt like a perfect transition to the next phase of my life creating a life I desired personally and professionally.

I had no hesitations about enrolling for VISION except for the cost, initially.   I'm realizing more and more that we must invest in ourselves for the Universe to follow suit. If we cannot show ourselves abundance, this will be reflected by the Universe as well. I trusted the signs and synchronicities and the incredible draw of the program itself to jump in anyway, and it paid off in really big ways for me.

I was facing the challenge of maintaining a consistent spiritual practice. Although I had a meditation practice that I loved and appreciated, I was very inconsistent. In addition, I was not entirely clear on my future business direction and personal desires and was not aware how powerful meditation can be in creating our futures.

I loved all of the options for daily meditation as well as the chanting recordings provided - it added so much beauty to my spiritual practice. I was inspired to come home everyday and ask, "What will make me feel the best today? What would someone who loves themselves do?" and from there, I would choose the meditation that pulled me the most.

I appreciated listening to the recordings everyday on the way to and from work which brought newfound joy and appreciation to my commute.    The handouts were especially informative and beneficial as they provided a summary of everything that was discussed in the recordings and on the calls. I'm a woman of words (although I value all means of communication) so having handouts in addition to recordings was absolutely Divine!

Meredith has a way of sharing your joys, empathizing with your sorrows, and mentoring in such a loving and tender way that you feel held and inspired all at once.

I hold Meredith's work so close to my heart. This was such a magical journey of learning and growing and connecting with other women on a similar path and diving very deep into myself.

Now   I am on my way to manifesting my business. I developed a deeper and clearer impression of where I am headed throughout the 40-day practice. Without VISION, I doubt that I would currently have as precise an understanding and impression of my gift, niche, and calling as I do now.

The group calls were very special! I loved hearing the other women's stories and contributions and sharing our journeys with each other.

I am more spiritually aware and open and have tuned in to new abilities - one of them being communicating with animal guides and messengers.     I have a very deep and intimate meditation practice that is healing, therapeutic, enjoyable, romantic, and expansive all at the same time.

This program has assisted me on my personal and spiritual evolution. I feel clearer, lighter, and more aware than I did when I began the program. I feel like I went from 3D to 5D! :)

I would absolutely recommend this program to family and friends --- because it was life-changing! :) The 40-day practice was incredible! It deepened my experience of meditation and my connection to myself and the Divine.

"The calls allowed me to again realize how much we have in common, no matter our age or location.  We are all working towards the light!"

~ Denise Hammond, 
Teacher of yoga, performing arts and student of life

I joined VISION because I was interested in the structure of the meditation, vision, and daily practices of the program. I wanted to focus on my purpose and my intentions in an organized way.

Before the program, I was feeling like my energy was scattered and I needed to pull inward to reflect on my path.  I was feeling like I needed a personal connection to unfold and open my heart and I felt I had lost my purpose.

I really enjoyed the weekly topics, calls, and lectures. I continue to remain engaged in the holistic approach. I felt accountable and supported at each step. I felt like Meredith showed skill at holding the space- group dynamics, as well as individual concerns. I like how she questioned strategies and remained positive with each interaction. The way she shared her journey gave us time to reflect on similar experiences. I really respected the academic approach of supporting her information with data, quotes, and books by other masters.

I appreciated all the support from the other women in the group.  

I went through all the materials once and am now starting over with week one!  

All were very helpful to keep on track and accountable.  I loved ALL the audio and the handouts.

Since VISION, I am enjoying my meditation, stillness and deep relaxation, I am thinking of all aspects of courage and fear and becoming aware of my resistance due to both, and I am planning monthly and yearly projects and tasks both minor and major.

I feel a joy at looking at my self growth. I have deepened many relationships. I feel a surge of energy and spirit.

I have a new focus on my intentions and vision. I am more aware of how to calm down my "monkey" brain. I feel like I've "pulled a few things together". I feel a new acceptance of my age. I am living a little more in the present. I am feeling my heart opening.

Much love, Denise

"I felt Meredith was divinely guided to create and present the materials in this way.   The 40-Day practice was beyond words."

~ Lia Dominique Andress ,The Magical Philanthropist

When I joined VISION I was in a place where I was ready to move forward and cross the threshold. I wondered if it would be worth the investment and whether it would give me what I was needing to move forward, but I was ready to step over an imaginary line that I didn't really know where it was...

I had been so weighed down with assimilating over two decades worth of readings, teachings and personal knowing and was ready to integrate.  

The way Meredith outlined and presented the materials that are dear to my heart finally made it all sync within me.  I began integrating singing, yoga mantras and daily rituals into my practice. This was the threshold I needed to cross...syncing myself to my soul.  My vision has already started to materialize!!!! It is insane.

"My business is now thriving and I have no stress about paying my bills! I am hosting workshops and women's circles to bring women together in support of each other. I feel so happy and full of good energy and have so much extra to give to others. "

~ Maria Slocum- Certified Massage Practitioner, Yoga & Dance Instructor, Prenatal and Birth Doula,  Slocum's Holistic Healing,  San Diego, CA

I love how this course was broken down into steps with clearly defined actions for each week. I also really loved the calls and hearing how the others were doing. The action steps and phone calls were a vital part of the program that set it aside from the many other similar programs I've tried to complete.

Now I am feeling calm and centered throughout my day.   I feel I have plenty of time to do all the things I need to in the day. I don't get upset over kinks or challenges that get in the way.    I've had a  shift in my level and depth of belief that truly anything is possible!   Many amazing things   have already manifested from my vision!

I went from being stressed out and constantly worried about money, to being able to quit the job I didn't like and rely only on myself to earn enough money. My stress level went from an 8 down to 2 at worst on a scale of 1-10. I feel confident, loved, and worthy of amazing things. I no longer feel guilty for the desires I have.

Many people around me are also benefiting from me doing this practice because I have been able to share some of what I've learned in the last 6 years of studying and practicing many different aspects of healing, in the form of workshops, women's circles, and just general conversation.

My relationship feels safe and exciting. We communicate effortlessly to stay connected. We are surrounded by people who inspire us. I have the support I need in order to continue to grow my business and reach more and more people. 

I am eternally grateful for Meredith taking the steps in her life to get to this place where she   is   sharing such valuable tools.

I have always admired her   ability to articulate and break down what she has   learned into doable action steps. I am continually inspired by her courage and strength. I plan to continue gaining more tools to help me learn how to share the many things I have learned about healing that are locked up inside of me for now. One step at a time :-)

"I am calling in support and guidance, even around small things, I am living more healthfully and vibrating higher." 

~ Carmen, Therapist, California

I found Meredith through a local yoga studio’s website and loved everything I saw. After going to her yoga class to get a feel for her energy and style it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for!  I joined VISION because I had a very active, restless mind during meditation.

I enjoyed the devotional aspects of the program, making self care time enjoyable for every sense, as well as the meditation, chanting and empowerment.  I meditated nearly every day and liked the option to at least read the Sutras and my vision if I couldn’t do a full practice. I focused on leaning back into light, eating healthier, and being more loving towards myself.

At first I was hesitant to join because of the cost--but once I did  I realized it was easily worth every cent and more--I got so much out of it!

I am now feeling uplifted and light after reading my vision every day.  I am inspired by how much time there really is when its spent intentionally.  Now I'm playing more and creating art projects. I am actually enjoying and looking forward to meditation!

On top of that, I'm having a great time with my partner - we are incorporating things I love like hiking, yoga, watercolors, music, cooking and playing. I'm really planning ahead and choosing to make time for being joyful.  I'm also less emotionally drained after work because I'm focused on self love and care.

I'm definitely going to keep meditating, however now it looks more full of color, play, light and music, smells of candles and essential oils and tea. It's pleasurable and an offering of joyousness.

Thank you!


"I've  attracted new leaders and enhanced existing business relationships. My business is now growing faster than ever and my income is increasing monthly."

~ Renee Novello, Yoga Instructor and Wellness Educator with doTERRA,,  Leesburg, VA

I joined VISION to renew my mindfulness practice and learn a variety of practices from Meredith in order to manifest specific goals.   

I loved the amazing compilation of tools to support our process and learning.  Since the program I am experiencing an  enhanced meditation practice,  greater clarity and confidence to call in my desires,  more focus   overall  and  a  renewed dedication to my own stillness, movement and self care practice to better  serve my business and home life.

I loved all of the program. I literally used everything and still refer to it. I believe the weekly recorded topic call was my favorite.. so much wisdom and relevance for me there.

I think this program is so well organized and chock full of support. 

Testimonial Images.jpg

~ Kerry Ingram, Creatress of Mothering Arts, Sebastopol, California

I joined this program because of Meredith's passion in speaking about what she had created. It was also a good time for me to fill some new thoughts with intention as I began a new year teaching.  

I found that the themes each week were warm invitations where I could go deeply and at my own pace.

I am now making time to meditate,  not doing things out of obligation,  writing out my vision and connecting deeply with it, changing it and feeling a sense of clarity in my vision.

I can now check in and ask myself, "Am I making this decision out of a feeling of obligation"....this was HUGE for me. Thank you.  

A big thank you and I love seeing others following their dreams. Keep that light shining, Meredith!!

"Before Vision, I had difficulty listening to my intuition, and I experienced overwhelming feelings in relation to where to start."

~ Jen McWilliams,  Zürich, Switzerland

There is so much that I want to make happen and I didn’t know how to articulate it. Now I know it is important for me to just get it out so I have something to work towards.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, and I can always add or subtract. It felt good to get ideas out of my head and into the world.

I enjoyed the group dynamic on the coaching calls. It was nice to hear what is up for other women and their own individual struggles. It was easy to relate to each of them.  I was very impressed with how Meredith facilitated the group. She gently guided us back to the issue or redirected the group when we were headed in a direction that wasn't beneficial.

I think that Meredith is humble, has great insight and knowledge, and arises not only as a teacher, but also a student.

VISION had been significant for me to take steps, to find a home in myself and work towards living my true nature.  Meditation is something that I now crave and it doesn't feel like a task or out of reach.  

It took me a little while to settle into how I wanted my practice to look, but I then found my rhythm. I like the idea of a 40 day practice and I look forward to embarking on this journey again.

Meredith did a beautiful job presenting the information in an organized, articulate, and thoughtful way. She is genuine and true to herself which makes her program feel warm and inviting.

Now, if I have a hard day, I recall my vision and squeak out the littlest act that brings me comfort or joy to make sure I am living life the best I can.

"Meredith’s work is so full of heart & light, I could feel her loving devotion so vividly throughout the entire program and still do in each and every email of hers. It is so bright, inspiring and potent."

~ Anashin Kimah,  Creator & Nurturer of Light Centers,  São Paulo, Brazil

I felt called to join VISION by the powerful idea of being in a journey of manifestation with women from around the world, and by the consistency and beauty of how it was presented.  

I was facing so many challenges before I joined the program. I had tried many things but couldn't maintain a daily practice, nor organize myself in order to achieve what I had been dreaming of. I was stuck in a place of fear, anxiety, isolation and lack of confidence in myself.

I was so surprised by the impact the weekly themes had on my daily life. They were consistently simple yet amazingly powerful.  Meredith’s mastery with putting together the handouts was admirable.

Each week I found myself taking big steps in my life and they seemed so natural and weightless. All the tools Meredith provided us and her loving guidance and the sisterhood made everything seem so close to reach.  

I now have a daily meditation practice that I am in love with and that provides me with all the strength and attunement I need to overcome any challenge.  I am now cultivating a relationship of love and reverence for my body and the food I nourish myself with - I quit gluten, dairy (and some bad habits) and all I eat nowadays is colorful and enclosed with loads of gratitude. Plus, it felt so effortless!  I feel so much more in tune with myself and the beauty of the universe. I have never had true joy and faith so close to my heart.

Oh, wow, Meredith, if you could only see a before & after of my daily life!  

The 40 Day Practice has helped me take a stand for myself and believe in my innermost desires. It has help me de-clutter most of my life, forgive so much, find and build a fortress of self-love that has kept me up and in diligent optimism, joy and gratitude. Because of it I was able to gain clarity regarding all I am and dream of being, all I want to manifest - things that had been lost in the chaos of my life before the program.

It has helped me change my relationship with food and the people I live with, and take grounded action to nurture my power & true expression. The entire program and Meredith’s guidance have inspired me to take action towards helping people uncover their greatness.  

The meditation practice was wonderful.  I did it mostly in the evening, right before the sunset. I incorporated some prayers and violet flame lightwork (that is close to my heart) to it, right at the beginning. I found the sequence so well-crafted and there wasn't a single time the practice didn't shift my mood and raise my vibration completely.  

Because of VISION, my heart chakra is opening up as I let go of pain, fear and aversion. I am new and renewed everyday, and caring for myself with profound love is each day smoother.

 I'm so grateful to share this wonderful time in this marvelous planet with Meredith and our sisters, it gives me strength and light and I know I can birth the goodness I wish to bring to this Earth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.