I created VISION because meditation has changed my life. 

I believe if we are going to join together to create a better world, we need to start within, in our own heart.

I know when we establish a constant connection with our body’s wisdom, we won’t need to look outside of ourselves for guidance or affirmation.  We can then connect to a deeper, innate love within.  Then we can find the courage to face our fears in service to something so much larger than ourselves.  

I find this connection in my morning meditation practice, however I struggled to make meditation a daily part of my life.  

It became too structured and disciplined for me and I began avoiding it altogether.  It wasn’t until I began showing up for meditation in devotion to myself, to spirit and to my sisters that I began to enjoy it.  

Bring in the Romance.

I created VISION because  I wanted to make meditation enjoyable and sustainable for other women so they could establish a daily connection to their body’s wisdom.