I am calling together a global network of women showing up in daily devotion and sacred practice to shift their thoughts, manifest their desires, and live their visions.

Wholeness comes from within.

How do you treat yourself?  

What thoughts repeat in your mind?

Where do you look for love or affirmation?


I used to  struggle  with a busy mind, negative thoughts, and I felt like a victim to my life circumstances.  I was constantly placing my value and worth outside of myself.      I was in a relationship where I always put my partner’s needs above my own.   I looked for love and attention from the outside, rather than within myself.

Luckily, I found out about meditation. 

I began meditating,  learned about the law of attraction and finally quieted my mind.

But then, meditation felt like a drag.   

It was so disciplined.   I got bored and began to avoid it altogether.

It wasn’t until two years ago I found a way to make my meditation practice  enjoyable,  and something I actually wanted to show up to  everyday.  

I was able to connect to source energy within, fill myself up with love, and become a magnet for what I wanted to attract.  

I now have a consistent meditation practice that helps me be calm when difficult situations arise, connect to love within myself before giving it to others, and receive insight on the visions I want to create for myself and the world. 

I believe in magic and everyday miracles.  

I believe we can be led to love beyond measure when we let go and surrender to be guided by a force larger than ourselves.  

Access the LOVE within yourself.

When we have a constant connection to our body’s wisdom and to spirit, we can listen to our intuition and we don’t need to look to the outside world for guidance.

 Then we know our purpose, our service in life and find deep true love within.

Are you ready to deepen your connection to spirit, your sisters and your VISION?  


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With Love, Meredith