Day 6: Create Sisterhood

It's Day 6 of the #LiveYourVision  training and instagram challenge! Today is all about SISTERHOOD.

Sisterhood has been essential  for me to face my fears, take courageous action towards my dreams and live my visions.

I remember singing in public on my own for the first time when I was in a supportive circle of women.  I was so nervous, but afterwards, I was encouraged and felt amazing.  Now I sing with confidence in my yoga classes, and even went on a yoga and music tour with my partner last spring.

How has sisterhood had an affect on your life?   Have you ever felt scared about a dream or vision but then gathered confidence through connecting with other women?  What was that like for you?

Today, I invite you to deepen your connections through sisterhood.   Reach out to a friend, share your vision and ask her about hers.  See what magic unfolds.

My video for you today is all about releasing what I have found to be the biggest barrier to sisterhood - jealousy and comparison.  

Jealousy is a very natural emotion to experience, however, if we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others, it can block us from believing in ourselves, taking action towards our visions and authentically supporting others.

In this video, I share the affirmation I use, as well as a writing exercise and guided meditation to release jealousy and deepen your connections of sisterhood. 

You can watch that video here:

How will you create sisterhood today?  I'd love to see on instagram!  Be sure to include a shout out to me  @meredithrom  and use the hashtag #LiveYourVision!


P.S.  You can view all the past daily actions and videos right here.