Day 3:  Meditate

Today's action in the #LiveYourVISION training and instagram challenge is to MEDITATE.  

Why is meditation so great?

I meditate to quiet my mind, access intuition and guidance, be less reactive, more compassionate and loving, and also stay focused on the Vision I wish to hold for myself and the world.  

I created a guided meditation for you today, and it is all about finding love within. 

When we look for love within ourselves and connect to source energy, we become less dependent on relationships and the outside environment.  When we find that connection, we are able to make decisions from a grounded place, knowing our internal guidance.  

Watch the guided meditation video below:

For a chance to win a free spot in my upcoming course,  Vision,  remember to post on instagram and tell us about your meditation practice!  Be sure to tag me @meredithrom and use the hashtag #LiveYourVISION!