Day 8: Let it go

Today is the last day of the #LiveYourVision training + insta challenge!

Today, I ask you to let it all go. 

When we have a Vision we want to manifest, at the end of the day, it is best to release all attachments to it. When I finish meditating each morning, I say, "Namastasye Namo Namaha."

This means, "I offer it up. I let it go into the hands of the divine." 

For a moment, I want you to visualize that Vision you are calling into your life, and feel the gratitude, power and excitement of what it would be like to have it.

Then I want you to imagine taking that dream in your hands, and placing it into the hands of the divine, and letting it go. 

Letting go is the final step in manifestation. 

This element is so key, because often when we let go, we are brought something that is even more aligned with what we need in our life. 

When we let go of our attachments, we open to receive exactly what it is we need. 

When you offer it up, and surrender, to a greater power higher than yourself, the universe will swoop in to bring you a miracle. It may come right away, or it may take some time to see, but trust, it is coming. 

On instagram, post a picture of what letting go looks like to you.

Be sure to tag me @meredithrom and use the hashtag #LiveYourVision.

This is our last day, so it's time to cheer on our sisters and celebrate all we've done!!

Tomorrow, look out for my email, as I will be announcing the winner of the instagram challenge, and have a special invitation for you.