Day 5:  Express Gratitude

When imagining all that could be possible for our lives, it can get easy to get lost in "What I don't have yet." and "What's not working right now."

It's okay to be aware of that to motivate us to change our reality, but an essential key in manifesting our dreams is being grateful for what we have. 

We are often told to be grateful, but it is so easy to slip back into old thought patterns when we forget. 

How often do you really feel gratitude in your body?  

When you sink into the feeling of gratitude, you raise your vibration.  You halt negative thought patterns.  You attract more good in your life.  

When I started spending just a couple minutes feeling gratitude at the end of my meditation practice, I began to see a shift -  I had more daily experiences that naturally made me feel - grateful. 

But it takes conscious action to get there - so today I created another guided meditation for you, all about gratitude.  Watch it here:

Note:   I want you to know it's okay to not feel grateful all the time.  Sometimes difficult emotions come up.  The best thing to do is to feel them fully, in order to release.  When we have a practice of feeling our emotions fully, it's much easier to mindfully feel gratitude from a true and authentic place.  

On instagram - post an image about what you're feeling grateful for.  Be sure to tag me @meredithrom  in the description so I see and use the hashtag #LiveYourVision  for a chance to win a free spot in my upcoming course, Vision!


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