Welcome to the #LiveYourVision Free Training and Instagram Challenge! 

I've been so excited for this day!  Meditation has been a huge part of my life and I'm looking forward to start sharing the most powerful tools that have helped me shift my beliefs and manifest my desires.

Each day for 8 days you will receive a daily action, video, insight or story to guide you on your path to #LiveYourVision.  

My intention is that these 8 days provide tools for you to connect to an innate love within yourself and a relationship to your inner guide that will benefit you throughout your entire life.

Day 1:  Build an Altar

Today I ask you to build an altar.
If you already have an altar, how can you make it fresh and new?  If you've never built one before, here's some guidance:  An altar is simply a sacred reminder of what you value and who you are becoming.

You can place images, words or sacred objects that remind you of your devotion and help you to remember your highest self. You can use crystals, tarot cards, deities, or images with special meaning to you as a place to start.  Be creative!

I used an image of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles for today's post.  Ganesha reminds me to trust in my path and my intuition.  Even if my next step feels big or scary, I can trust that Ganesha will be there to help me remove whatever is in the way.  I can also trust he will place obstacles when I need to remember to re-align on my path. 

So what lights you up? What would make you smile everyday when you sit down for a few moments of silence? What holds special meaning to you?   Add it to your altar!

When you're done, post a picture on instagram and be sure to include the hashtag #LiveYourVision and tag me @meredithrom to see!

After 8 days, one lucky person in the instagram challenge will win a free spot in my online course, Vision: 8 weeks including coaching calls, training videos and a 40 day practice to shift your beliefs and manifest your desires.

I can't wait to see your altars!  Stay tuned for tomorrow...

With love,