Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to meditation.  Is this program okay for beginners?

Yes.  In the meditation toolbox, I now have guided meditations and introduction videos to the benefits of meditation, how to get started and very simple practices for those just starting out.

How does the online course material work?

You will be given a login to our members-only site where to access each audio, video and handout as they are uploaded for each week’s module.  You will be able to download the handouts, audios, and videos for future use.  As a reminder, VISION participants gain lifetime access to the program materials.

I can't spend the  time to meditate  for the 40-Day practice.  Will this program still be beneficial for me?

Ideally you are creating time in your day for meditation, but you will also receive great benefits from the training videos on how to craft and create your vision, the audio recordings, handouts, support from the group calls and the online forum.  Even if you make the time to read your vision once a day during the 40-Day Practice, you will receive great benefits from the practice.

What if I miss a day in the 40-Day practice?

It's okay!  If you reach the end of the day and you haven't done your meditation, take a few minutes before bed to create a ritual and read your vision.  If you miss a day in the 40-Day practice, you can add another day at the end, or be kind to yourself and let it go.  A big part of the program is learning how to show up for yourself from a place of devotion, rather than discipline,  so it is OKAY  if you miss a day.  


I already have a meditation practice.  Can I incorporate my personal meditation practice into the 40-Day VISION practice?

Yes.  I provide a framework for the 40-Day Practice, and you are free to take from it what works for you.  If you'd like to do your own meditation practice and incorporate elements from the videos and handouts, you are encouraged to.  I also invite you to be open to new forms of meditation to receive the full benefits of the program.

Besides the meditation requirement and group coaching calls, what is the time commitment of the program?

I recommend setting aside one to two hours each week to review the audio module and the handout materials. For daily meditation, I recommend  anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes,  but ultimately it is a personal choice based on what you hope to get out of the program.  

You will have lifetime access to the materials, so you can go at your own pace.  Some weeks you may want to spend more time with the materials and some weeks less.  You can bring more focus into the areas that you are most excited about.


I'm an advanced meditator. Will the program still benefit me?

This program is both for beginners and advanced practitioners.  Besides the wide variety of meditations in the toolbox, you will also receive the audio discourses and handouts each week full with information to help you take action towards your VISIONS.  

How will I  be held accountable for my personal practice?  

You have a option to have an accountability sister in the group.  In the first week, you will receive a survey if you would like an accountability sister.  Once enrollment closes I will go through and intuitively pair the women together for additional accountability and support.  I will give you a few questions to answer each other over email, then you can set up phone calls or in person meetings throughout the 40 days of devotion to be held accountable.  In my last program, women began going to yoga classes together and created great new friendships.

How many women will be on the calls?

Most online coaching programs have thirty, fifty, or  sometimes hundreds of women in their group coaching calls.  This is not that kind of program.  I designed the calls to make space for every woman to share her voice.

Our calls are an intimate space for you to connect and dive deep with your sisters.  Because of this, there will be a maximum of 15 women on each call.  You will have a chance to share fears and challenges, release blocks and reinvigorate your devotion to your practices.  

Many women who join the program consider themselves highly sensitive or introverted and  initially are afraid to share on the calls.  That's okay!  In my last program, the intimate calls became what many looked forward to most in the program.  

I can’t make the calls, but I still want to join....

Every coaching call will be recorded so you will be able to listen and share your comments in the online facebook forum.  Of course, I encourage you to make space for the calls, but if it doesn't work in your schedule, you will still receive great benefits from joining the program even if you can't make the weekly calls.  

There are  also some women who chose not to attend the calls.  If you'd prefer not to join us for our live event, you can allow your devotion to come through in a more solitary way. The participants who worked best on their own felt the program provided exactly what they needed.  

I’m having trouble with the financial component.  Do you have any suggestions for  investing in myself?

What I’ve learned over the years is that investing in myself has been one of the most supreme devotional acts of self-love and self-care.  If you are used to putting other people's needs above your own, it may be time to love and honor yourself first.  Joining us in VISION may be the perfect way to honor that.

Try this meditation:  Imagine yourself in 8-weeks.  It’s the end of March, you are refreshed, have found sustainable self-care and devotional rituals in your life.  You have connected to a vision larger than yourself, found a new community of sisterhood and support, and are taking grounded actions toward creating the life of your dreams.

Now, imagine yourself in 8-weeks if you chose not to join us.  What would your life be like then?  Would anything have changed, or shifted for you?

Then, ask your body how it would feel to join us.  A yes may feel like warmth, lightness, or tingles up the spine.  When I have to make an important decision, I always check in with my body's intuition.

If you have trouble checking in with your body’s wisdom and intuition, you will learn more about these practices in the program.

Either way sister, I am sending love and support to you.  I want you to make the best decision for yourself at this time.  Please contact me and we can set up a chat if you are still on the fence and want to know more.

How do I know if this program is worth the investment?

Many women shared last time I ran this program that money was the only block holding them back before signing up.  However, they gathered up the courage to take the leap and were so glad they did.  Here was Carmen's experience:

"At first I was hesitant to join because of the cost--but once I did the program I realized it was easily worth every cent and more--I got so much out of it!
~ Carmen, Therapist, Santa Rosa, CA
I am now feeling uplifted and light after reading my vision every day.  I am inspired by how much time there really is when its spent intentionally.  Now I'm playing more and creating art projects. I am actually enjoying and looking forward to meditation!
On top of that, I'm having a great time with my partner - we are incorporating things I love like hiking, yoga, watercolors, music, cooking and playing. I'm really planning ahead and choosing to make time for being joyful.  I'm also less emotionally drained after work because I'm focused on self love and care.
I'm definitely going to keep meditating, however now it looks more full of color, play, light and music, smells of candles and essential oils and tea. It's pleasurable and an offering of joyousness.
Now I am calling in support and guidance, even around small things, I am living more healthfully and vibrating higher.  Thank you!"    

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