Success Stories

"I loved the course materials - I went through all of them, took notes, made post-its and would talk to my friends about them."

~ Sarah Kate, The Great Kosmic Kitchen, Sebastopol CA

I felt immediately called to this program. At the time, I was moving to a new place, ending a 4 year relationship, starting to go full force with my business/blog/teaching, was no longer living in a spiritual community, and farther away from nature. I really enjoyed the morning practice and the handouts and audios Meredith sent. Even though the group coaching call times didn't work for my schedule, I still felt connected to the group with the recordings sent over the following day.

I loved the grounded action material! It gave me a pretty good framework to take steps forward in my life.

By completing the program, I have realized that I can stick with something! yay!  I am also getting more and more clear about time management and how to go about achieving my career goals.  I now take scheduling much more seriously and am using it to help me, rather than tie me down. It’s helped me to vision more!

I feel more comfortable thinking and talking about what I truly want and develop actions to allow those things to happen in whatever form they want to exist in my life. I have been drawn to "calling in my guides and archetypes" which has been a really powerful reminder for me when I need strength and patience throughout the day.

I would recommend VISION because I think its a lovely way to connect with a diverse group of women and also as a way to connect with yourself and what it is you are trying to do in this world. Meredith offered really great tools to help folks get more clear and focused.

Thanks so much Meredith! I feel really inspired by what you are doing and how you are creating your life. It’s truly beautiful :)


"This program was so powerful. It  proved to me that manifestation is real." 

~ Jasmine Amara, Photographer at

When I joined Meredith's program, I was looking to learn organizational skills, to expand my business, create more income for myself and to gain more confidence in my work.  I didn't know how to bring my dreams into one solid vision.

I loved Meredith's genuine belief in me, her constant encouragement and light gave me inspiration to move forward. I loved the 40-day practice and the consistency of the phone calls.  It all helped me to develop a deeper spiritual practice and relationship with myself.

I left the program with confidence, sisterhood, improvements on my website and a new belief in a thriving business.

The 40-day practice came at a transformational period in my life where I moved on from an ex-partner and shifted into loving myself more fully. This practice played a huge role in my healing from a tough breakup.  

Through the practice, I remembered how to love myself.

I am grateful for the time I shared with the group and will take the teachings I have learned into my personal practice for years to come.

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